Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction can cause a variety of different symptoms. One cause of pelvic floor dysfunction is due to hypertonic (or overactive) pelvic floor muscles. There are a variety of reasons why our pelvic floor muscles tighten up, but one common reason is when we experience “fight or flight” situations, our body tensions up various muscle groups. Such as, being stressed out, anxious, worried or getting stuck in traffic. Overtime these states can last for not just minutes, but days.. weeks… and even months.

You may benefit from a pelvic physiotherapy consultation and check-in if you have/had any of the following symptoms:

  • urinary urgency or frequency

  • urinary incontinence

  • lower abdominal or bladder pain

  • difficulty starting the urine stream or having a bowel movement

  • constipation or painful bowel movements

  • waking up at night to urinate

  • pain with sexual activity

  • tailbone pain

Of course you should also check in with your doctor too, but all of the above symptoms can be due to tension in our pelvic floor muscles!

These exercises are great for helping to relax the tension in our pelvic floor and for stretching external muscles around the pelvis which can be contributing to your pelvic floor tension. Try your best to breathe, relax, stretch and come see a Pelvic Health physiotherapist!

Interested in learning more about the pelvic floor, and other exercises to try? Contact us at to book a Pelvic Health Assessment with our Physiotherapist Jessica.